Cool video, showing what is involved in getting produce from Field to Supermarket. As a cherry grower and packer, I face similar challenges with the majority of our cherries being picked, packed, shipped and received overseas within 48 hours. This is not an endorsement of Zon Fruit & Vegetables

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pineapples - Excellent Quality

Pineapple Picked Green - Poor Quality

Fresh Pineapple Plant

Pineapple Overripe - Yellowing, Leaves Turning Brown

Grades: Fancy|No.1|No.2|Hawaii Fancy|Hawaii No.1
Single-layer: 4|5|6|7|8|9|10
Two-layer: 8|10|12|14|18
Cartons: 9kg/20#|12kg/26.4#|18kg/40#
Store: Unrefrigerated|Optimum Temperature +10C/50F

Remarks: Hawaiian pineapple are the best quality, while Mexican is usually the worst because it’s picked too green. Pineapple do not ripen after being harvested. Most growers offer a premium grade “ripe-n-ready” pineapple referred to as “gold” or “jet-fresh”.

Displaying: Pineapple can be stacked several layers high with little impact. Stack riper fruit on top and rotate regularly. Ripe pineapple emit a wonderful tropical aroma. Cull fruit showing signs of mold, decay or dryness, this includes dried out leaves and moldy bottoms. Overripe fruit can be sold as ½’s, used for fruit salad and samples; throw out as a last resort.

Receiving: If available, check the Lot Number, Grower Number and Packing Date. Weigh boxes, inspect fruit for color, mold and maturity. A green-reddish color on the bottom is a sign of decay beginning to set in. Dry brown leaves and leaves coming away too easily from the fruit are signs of age (test by pulling on leaves). Firmly press your thumbs against the surface for softness. Fruit with a dull translucent appearance is an indicator of chilling. Overripe fruit and shipments in general with an accumulation of more than 10% defects should be rejected.



  1. It's my understanding that pineapples don't actually ripen, they only slowly break down and get softer (ie rot). Thoughts?

  2. Hi Jackie,

    You are correct, the fruit will never get any riper (sweeter) than when it was harvested, however it will soften and become more flavorful. In the true sense, all fruit is actually rotting as it ripens.

    Just as soil, fertilizers, nutrients and growing conditions play an integral part in where the best pineapple are grown and fruit in general.

    Thanks for your contribution and visiting my blog.


  3. Bananas are the only fruit that ripen after being picked.

  4. Just ordered your book the preview looks awesome and your website is full of helpful information! I am a produce manager at a local grocery store and all of our pinaples keep coming in with mold on the bottoms is this normal?