Cool video, showing what is involved in getting produce from Field to Supermarket. As a cherry grower and packer, I face similar challenges with the majority of our cherries being picked, packed, shipped and received overseas within 48 hours. This is not an endorsement of Zon Fruit & Vegetables

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ataulfo Mangos

Ripe Ataulfo Mango

Offering Caselot Will Increase Sales

Overripe Ataulfo Mangos Should be Rejected

Ripe n' Ready to Eat

Grades: Fancy|No.1|No.2 Sizes: 10|12|14|16|18|20
Cartons: 2kg/4.4#|4kg/8.8#
Varieties: Ataulfo|Alphonso
Store: Unrefrigerated|Optimum Temperature +10C/50F

Remarks: Yellow mango sales have steadily increased as Caucasian shoppers discover this wonderful fruit. A favorite among Asians, Ataulfo may occasionally outsell your regular varieties. Yellow mangos do not smell.

Displaying: Ripe fruit (deep yellow color) should be displayed on top. Greenish mangos do not sell well, leave them in a warm back storage area to ripen and color up. The Ataulfo variety is excellent and has very few fibers, while the Alphonso is very stringy like the Tommy Atkins. I do not recommend carrying the Alphonso variety ever. Cull spotted, wrinkled and overripe fruit, bag up and discount or sample. Sampling can increase sales +100%.

Receiving: Check the lot number and variety. Open and inspect for black spots, wrinkles, mold and overripe fruit. Spotted fruit will turn quickly and solid green fruit will not ripen properly. Push on stem tops to ensure the flesh is not rotten. Pale dull looking fruit can be a sign of chilling. Cut open and inspect flesh for signs of chilling (black discoloration), common for these two varieties. Sample. If the fruit is ripe, remove pallet wrap to slow the ripening process; otherwise leave it on ( lids closed) and store in a warm area. Reject shipments in general with an accumulation of more than 10% defects.



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