Cool video, showing what is involved in getting produce from Field to Supermarket. As a cherry grower and packer, I face similar challenges with the majority of our cherries being picked, packed, shipped and received overseas within 48 hours. This is not an endorsement of Zon Fruit & Vegetables

Friday, May 20, 2011

My name is Rick Chong and I have been in the produce business for almost 30 years. The most difficult department to manage in a supermarket has always been the Produce department.

The perishable nature of produce, shoppers squeezing the tomatoes, chilled grapes, over-ripe bananas, bruised apples and rude customers are just a few of the problems that will contribute to making your life "Hell" at times. Believe me when I say "I understand" and hopefully I will make your life a lot easier by sharing my product knowledge and experiences with you.

I will tell you the best ways to maintain your produce displays and keep shrink to a minimum, receiving tips, storage techniques, differences in quality, some of the best places and countries to buy your produce.

I started out as a produce buyer, loading trucks, boat and air containers out of the U.S. & Canada, and as far away as China, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Holland, Brazil, Haiti and many other countries around the world.

My experiences include Picker, Forklift Operator, Truck Driver, Produce Buyer, Field Inspector, National Produce Manager, National Foodservice Produce Manager, Grower, Shipper, Packer, Sales Manager and finally Entreprenuer.

Ask all your produce related questions here and please leave your comments on any of my posts and articles on this site.

I have also put together a Produce Clerk Handbook, perfect to carry around in your pocket at work. Digital and Print copies will be available to download at Amazon.com soon.

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site!

... Rick Chong


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