Cool video, showing what is involved in getting produce from Field to Supermarket. As a cherry grower and packer, I face similar challenges with the majority of our cherries being picked, packed, shipped and received overseas within 48 hours. This is not an endorsement of Zon Fruit & Vegetables

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometimes we all need a break and slack off a little, it's normal in any profession. But if you’re like me, you don't like taking flack for someone else's bad work habits, I'd rather get a pat on the back and a well deserved raise for a job well done. By having assigned sections in the produce department you get exactly that, chewed out when you do a bad job and rewarded for doing a good job.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the words "I don't know" when I asked who put up those bad apples, green onions or celery stalks. So I formulated a plan to assign produce sections and reward guys for doing a good job with raises, cash bonuses, free meals and even a couple of paid vacations now and again. Productivity increased by leaps and bounds!

Now bad Produce Clerks don't want to be assigned a produce section because it hurts their pay grade, they end up being over scrutinized, passed over for promotions and sometimes fired. Yes these guys do affect your job performance by making you work even harder to pick up their slack. Assigning produce sections makes life easier.


  1. Hello. I am recently training in the produce dept. I have noticed my boss soaks cilantro, parsley and other herbs in water for a couple of hours and then trims the ends and puts them out. We literally have pounds of this fresh stuff and I am told to repeat this process each morning. They look like a wilted mess. How is the correct way to receive herbs off a truck, prep them, display them and then repeat the next day?

  2. Stop undermining your boss and follow instructions or go back to McDonalds and run the Fry machine.